Dura Seal

DURA-SEAL is a specially formulated polysulfide solvent-free two-component edge sealanthardened by classical reaction of interaction of end SH-group with manganese dioxide.

Area of application

DURA-SEAL is a secondary edge sealant for use in insulation glass systems. DURA-SEALprovides mechanical strength, protects primary sealant and ensures an additional barrier forpenetration of water moisture inside insulation glass unit and diffusion of gases.


• Low viscosity;

• Easy application;

• Optimal curing speed;

• Excellent adhesion;

• Enhanced UV resistance;

• Continuous flexibility,


DURA-SEAL is delivered in the form of a set consisting of component A (base) andcomponent B (curing agent) mixed just before application.

After mixing of components, thesealant forms thixotropic and easily applied paste.After hardening as result of chemical reaction the elastic rubber-like material with highstrength properties, resistance to vibrations and atmospheric actions is formed, it hasexcellent adhesion to surfaces ranging from glass, aluminum to stainless and zinc galvanizedsteel.