The company's commitment to reliable and efficient transportation is a key factor in its success in the international market


TIOSEAL's transportation network allows the company to serve customers across a wide geographical area01 and provide them with flexible delivery options02 that suit their needs.


The company operates its own fleet of vessels, trucks, railcars and containers to ensure the safe and efficient transportation of chemicals, polymers, and petroleum products.



TIOSEAL has a wide transportation network that enables the company to deliver its products by sea and land across Turkey, European Union, Middle East and Southeastern Asia.

Transport goods to even the most remote on time and in excellent condition

With its extensive transportation network, TIOSEAL can efficiently transport goods to even the most remote locations, ensuring that its customers receive their products on time and in excellent condition.


TIOSEAL's extensive warehouse network highlights its dedication to providing dependable and efficient logistics services to customers


TIOSEAL's warehouse network enables efficient storage and handling of products, offering greater control over inventory management and faster delivery times to customers.

The warehouses are capable of processing more than 100 000 tons of cargo, providing ample space for storing chemicals, polymers, and petroleum products.

TIOSEAL operates its own, well-established warehouse network throughout Turkey, including in Istanbul, Ambarkoy, Gebze, Izmit, Mersin, and Iskenderun, capable of handling both customs cleared and uncleared products.


The company is presently undertaking a project to build a state of the art bonded warehouse in Gebze, a crucial logistics hub.

The warehouse is set to handle up to 25,000 tons of polymers per month and is scheduled for completion in 2024. It will be well-suited for both bulk and container operations, and will feature its own container parking, silos, packaging line, and a high level of automation.