BIOMIX is a 2-component sealant of high content bio based chemical cold hardening developed on polysulfide based polymer and hardened by classical reaction of interaction of end SH-group with manganese dioxide.

Area of application

BIOMIX is a secondary perimeter sealant for production of insulation glass units providing itsmechanical strength, protecting primary sealant and ensuring an additional barrier forpenetration of water moisture inside insulation glass unit and diffusion of gases.


• High adhesion to glass, metal and plastic spacers (aluminum, stainless or zinc galvanizedsteel, PVC);

• Optimal physical and mechanical properties both for automatic and hand application;

• Optimal pot life and hardening time;

• Optimal thixotropic properties (no leaks, no stringing);

• High resistance to atmospheric impact and heat-aging resistance.

• The product is very soft in high viscosites and it is very easy to apply.

• Makes filling full of the product filled spaces to the thinest details.

• A component protects the existing color in very long-term storage.

• The finished product is resistant to uv rays-Shore A 38-42 range and high adaptability to glass.

• The fragrant does not comfort the employees as it does not damage human health.

• It is a longer life product.

• 4 seasons are available without summer winter separation.

• With more energy and maintenance costs in extrusion machine applications.

• Vapor permeability with humidity properties has the feature to be zero in the finalproduct.

• Protects the measurement stability at the first appliance for the long years, it does not pulland blow.


BIOMIX is delivered in the form of a set consisting of component A (base) and component B(hardener) mixed just before application. After mixing of components, the sealant formsthixotropic and easily applied paste.

After hardening as result of chemical reaction the elastic rubber-like material with highstrength properties, resistance to vibrations and atmospheric actions is formed, it hasexcellent adhesion to surfaces ranging from glass, aluminum to stainless and zinc galvanizedsteel.