TIOMIX is a 2-component sealant of cold hardening developed on polysulfide based polymerand hardened by classical reaction of interaction of end SH-group with manganese dioxide.

Area of application

TIOMIX is used as a sealant filling paste, which acts as a second sealing layer in themanufacturing of heat glass units. It provides the mechanical strength of the heat glassstructure, protects the first sealing layer, prevents water from entering the heat glass andcreates an additional barrier for the diffusion of gases.


The sealant has the following distinctive properties:

• high adhesion to glass, metal and plastic spacers (aluminum, stainless or zinc galvanizedsteel, PVC);

• optimal physical and mechanical properties both for automatic and hand application;

• optimal pot life and hardening time;optimal thixotropic properties (no leaks, no stringing);

• high resistance to atmospheric impact and heat-aging resistance.


TIOMIX is delivered in the form of a set consisting of component A (base) and component B(hardener) mixed just before application.

After mixing the components, easy-to-apply thixotropic paste is obtained. After hardening iscompleted as a result of chemical reaction, an elastic material similar to rubber, which isresistant to high strength, vibrations and atmospheric effects, has excellent adhesion toglass, aluminum, stainless steel and galvanized surfaces, is obtained.